Monday, August 8, 2011

Musings from Doyle

I asked each member of the "World Of" to provide a guest post about his favorite golf course or experience on the "Journey to St. Andrews". These are stream of consciousness musings from Doyle, formerly known as the Natural (see Editor's Note below on the change of pseudonym):

The joy in my friends' faces.

People ... George. the Scots, Sam the starter. Did I mention George?

Hitting the Postage Stamp. The Lighthouse. Making birdie for 79. Scoring 75. Low liners into the wind. 5 birds and an eagle in one round. The goat shot. 83 at Muirfield. Hitting the house. Missing the bus (barely). Salvaging a 50 on the front. Brothers in law. Longest putt in history.
USGA (You Suck Go Again).

Views. Appetizers. Vodka tonic, vodka soda. Playing gin. Bad pancakes, great mussels. Stout. The force field. Lost luggage. Bed and Brunch. Mexican food?

The sharing of successes. Children at Princeton, Harvard, Davidson, (even Furman). med school and law school and travelling the world. We went back in time and spent 9 days together just like old times.

Turtle having the strength to make it.

I am blessed.

Editor's Note: "Doyle" is a self-proclaimed moniker based on Doyle Brunson, one of the all-time great poker and gin rummy players. While riding the bus, Doyle gave us a blow-by-blow description of his gin rummy acumen as he whipped Alice into submission.


Anonymous said...

Three weeks, no blogs!
Three weeks, no blogs!
Three weeks, no blogs!!???

JAY KRAMER said...

The Journey to St. Andrews and the blog are completed. If the "World Of" participants decide to guest blog, I will post those. Thank you for being a loyal follower.